• Drops of Light

  • DROPS OF LIGHT is a book of poetry that was created and based on the poet’s life experiences, as well as how she perceived those experiences. The poems deal with real-life events, people, and places that influenced the poet or that elicited strong emotions. The subject of each poem produced an emotional response in the poet who breathed life into the experience, which might have been listening to a stranger, a friend, or an acquaintance; it might have been seeing some aspect of nature; it might have been feeling a powerful response to an event, a person, or a place.

       The book’s purposes are to inspire the reader to think or to feel more deeply about all life and about all that occurs in the reader’s surroundings, to open the reader’s eyes to another individual’s experiences and points-of-view, to encourage the reader to find comfort in nature, and, finally, to urge the reader to acknowledge that reality consists of shades of gray, not simply black and white.

       The themes of the poems deal with love, family, nature, people, and events that come in all shades of gray.

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  • Reviews

  • Drops of Light is really an interesting group of poems. Having known Shirley since high school these poems are written from much of her everyday life. I am looking forward to purchasing her next book that she is working on at this time.

    Debra – Amazon.com

  • Though DROPS OF LIGHT is Shirley Aaron's first publication of her poetry, it contains the work of decades; it is an accomplished body of work I am honored to have read and hope others will, too. At once heightened and accessible, Aaron's work reveals the deep heart and keen mind of a woman as she journeys through the joys, trials, and wonders of her life. There is something here for everyone…beautifully rendered reflections of nature…enticing glimpses into the complexities of love…empathic insights into those who are marginalized, maligned, and misunderstood…and intriguing, multi-layered tales that make you want to know more. Whether painting a picture with a flourish of metaphors, revealing the ache of loneliness through a few sparsely constructed lines, or infusing a tale of woe with the bite of wry humor, Shirley Aaron presents a lovely collection of works with honest delivery and universal appeal. Brava!

    Ashley Butler