• Moonshine Woods

  •  Moonshine Woods takes place in a rural Alabama community, during the summer of 1953. Best friends Tyler, Marley Jane, Eli, and Grant, who call themselves The Hopewell Gang, spend adventuresome days in their small hometown, causing havoc and having fun wherever they go. They are reckless, spunky, dauntless, and entertaining in their pursuit of a grownup secret that concerns moonshine and a place called Moonshine Woods. When Tyler, the protagonist and first-person narrator, decides to uncover the secret, he throws a temporary wrench in their friendship. When they realize that he is determined to discover the secret, they join him in solving the mystery of moonshine.

        Their curiosity about adult secrets causes them to snoop into affairs that are dangerous and puts their lives at risk. Although Tyler’s friends hesitate at the beginning to probe into forbidden subjects, their inquisitiveness soon overrides their doubts. In the process of learning about moonshine, Tyler convinces his friends to investigate a forbidden tunnel. One thing leads to another, and it is not long before they find themselves held hostage by two angry moonshiners. They are relieved when Nigel, a man whom they have feared for years, rescues them from danger.

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