• About The Author

  •     I am a retired teacher, who taught high school language and literature in Alabama (Macon and Chambers Counties), before I retired in 1996. After retiring in Alabama, I was media specialist at Springwood Private School in Lanett, Alabama. In 2000, I began teaching middle school language and literature in Harris County, Georgia. In 2003, I became a media specialist at Harris County High School. I retired from Harris County High School in 2011.

        I have written poetry for years and have self-published a book of poetry, Drops of Light. Writing poetry is an excellent method of expressing an emotion or an experience in few words.

        I began writing novels in 2014. My first novel, Troubling the Ashes, is a historical fiction that is based on the 1962 school desegregation lawsuit, Lee v Macon County Board of Education, which was filed by civil rights attorney Fred Gray. The story takes place in Notasulga, a small rural town in Macon County. The book’s action focuses specifically on the turbulence surrounding the integration of and the burning of Notasulga High School. The novel was released in June, 2016, by the Woodson Knowles Publishing Group, Auburn, Alabama.

        In December, 2015, I completed the manuscript for my second novel, which will be released in 2017. It is a work of fiction that is based on my mother and her two best friends. It is titled Sweet Tea with Lemon and, as the title suggests, it is filled with life’s sweetness and bitterness. There is one funny incident after another, with the tragedies of drug addiction and cancer.

        My third fiction, There Ain’t No Sunshine on Death Row, is a sequel to Sweet Tea with Lemon.  Beulah, from whose point of view that the story is told, learns that her son, whom she has not seen in thirty years, is on Texas’ death row. There Ain’t No Sunshine on Death Row deals with the death penalty and one man’s journey to his death.

        While I was in the middle of researching my third novel, another novel slipped into my head and would not go away. I completed Seeking the Holy Ghost in July, 2016. It deals with four young people, ages eight to ten. Three of the characters are on a quest to introduce the youngest character to the Holy Ghost. The dialogue is often humorous, with characters saying things that only a young person could get away with saying. Although it is full of humor, there is a tragic incident near the end that makes the young characters accept the truth that death is never far away. I plan to write at least four more novels that deal with these young characters.

        My novels have reoccurring themes of justice, injustice, racism, death, integration, religion, family, and Southern politics. In each novel, there are one or more strong females, black and/or white. The novels take place in the South, and Alabama communities are the focus…Tuskegee, Notasulga, Opelika, Hopewell, River View, and Dadeville. There Ain’t No Sunshine on Death Row will begin in Alabama and end in Texas.