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  •    Shirley A. Aaron was born and raised in Alabama, which is reflected in her poetry and novels. She writes about the culture and history of the South, as well as its people. Her works range from life’s experiences and emotions (Drops of Light), to racism (Troubling the Ashes), to multi-racial friendships (Sweet Tea with Lemon), to a child’s life and view of religion in the South (Seeking the Holy Ghost), to Texas’ judicial system (There Ain’t No Sunshine on Death Row, to be released in the fall of 2018; it is a sequel to Sweet Tea with Lemon), to one of the South’s most well-known illegal professions (Moonshine Woods, coming in the spring of 2019; it features the same four young characters who appear in Seeking the Holy Ghost). In addition to writing Moonshine Woods, Shirley is working on a second book of poetry.