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Brooklyn and Hoboken

Brooklyn and Hoboken

I spent yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn, New York, with my friend Kris who lives in New Jersey. Before heading to Brooklyn, we spent most of the morning in Hoboken. We went to Carlos Bakery. Of course, we indulged in one of Cake Boss’ famous, delicious cannolis. Afterwards, we walked through the park on the Hudson and took pictures of the Jersey and NYC sides. While walking, we met a lovely family from England. In Brooklyn, we met a couple from Spain.

Below, I’ve attached a photo of a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn. I love the art that’s on the building.

Brooklyn Mural

Kris is a member of a writers’ club, which, I believe, has members from Jersey and New York. I’m hoping that I can attend on of the club’s meetings on my next trip to Jersey to visit my son. It’s always interesting to talk to other writers, to exchange ideas and topics about whatever we’re writing at the time. Feedback can be encouraging and helpful. Don’t let negative feedback discourage you! Remember, sometimes, negative criticism can benefit your writing skills.

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